Best MagSafe iPhone wallets 2021

Best MagSafe iPhone wallets iMore 2021

If you thought Apple's (admittedly pricey) Wallet with MagSafe was your only option for the iPhone 12, it's time you explored some other possibilities. The original product is lovely, there's no doubt, but there are plenty of other options now that will serve the same purpose. We've put together a list of the best MagSafe iPhone wallets on the interweb.

Mous Magsafe Wallet Copy

Full grain texture: Mous MagSafe Compatible Card Wallet

Staff Pick

Mous has been in the business of producing magnetic wallets for iPhone long before MagSafe came about. Their luxurious full-grain leather card wallet is the next best thing to Apple, and I happen to like it even better. The two-card wallet looks and feels like quality, and it looks great on Mous's line of ultra-protective iPhone cases.

$50 at Mous
Iphone Leather Wallet With Magsafe

The original: Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Apple released the innovative Leather Wallet with MagSafe in conjunction with the new MagSafe-enabled iPhone 12 lineup in 2020. Although this product does seem pricey, it sure does look amazing on a naked iPhone 12. I'm a big fan of the colors they chose because they look so good against the colorways available for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Castify Custom Magsafe Wallet

Customizable choice: Casetify Custom MagSafe Wallet

Casetify offers a faux leather MagSafe Wallet that is made from 50% recycled materials, which is always a plus. The truly unique aspect of any Casetify product is the customizable nature of it. You can have it personalized with custom-printed letters of your choice.

$40 at Casetify
Ahastyle Magsafe Wallet

Best value: AhaStyle MagSafe Wallet

If the previous options seem expensive, that's because they kind of are. You can purchase a non-leather version like this one from AhaStyle and spend a lot less cash. It's made of a slip-resistant silicone material that promises to hold cards tightly in place.

$18 at Amazon
Vibeside Compatible With Iphone 12 Magsafe Wallet Card Holder

A little more space: Vibeside Magsafe Wallet Card Holder

While most MagSafe wallets hold two or three cards, this one from Vibeside holds four. It could also hold a couple of cards and some cash. This is another brand that offers several cute colorways.

$30 at Amazon
Spigen Valentinus Magnetic Wallet Card Holder

The simple choice: Spigen Valentinus Magnetic Wallet Card Holder

Simple, straightforward, and affordable. Here is a no-nonsense magnetic card wallet from Spigen that comes in at a reasonable price point. The solid black wallet is made from faux leather.

Moft The First Snap On Magnetic Stand Wallet For Iphone 12 Series

Wallet hybrid: MOFT The First Snap-On Magnetic Stand & Wallet

This is the first brand to come up with a card wallet/stand hybrid. The MOFT magnetic stand and wallet folds out to create a handy stand in both horizontal and vertical orientations. It can hold three cards, and it also comes in purple!

Spigen Smart Fold Magnetic Wallet Card Holder

Incognito mode: Spigen Smart Fold Magnetic Wallet Card Holder

Like the previous example, Spigen's Smart Fold Card Holder also folds out to create an iPhone stand. When it's folded flat, it covers up the cards, so they are not visible from the outside.

Superone Compatible With Iphone 12 Magsafe Wallet

Affordable yet real leather: SUPERONE Compatible with iPhone 12 MagSafe Wallet

SUPERONE offers the only MagSafe wallet we've seen that's made of genuine leather for under $25. It is a minimal design and stylish in real black leather.

$20 at Amazon

Bottom line

With so many new options available, one of the best MagSafe iPhone wallets is sure to fit into your budget and lifestyle. My own preference is the Mous MagSafe Compatible Card Wallet because I enjoy the look and feel of full-grain leather against my favorite Mous Case. This one is also super thin, and the tight fit keeps the cards firmly in place.

If some of the other brands seem too expensive for your ideal budget, you can still enjoy a genuine leather MagSafe card wallet from the SUPERONE brand. This one is only available in black, but the design is minimal and attractive. Take a look at the materials and colorways of each option and choose the one that goes best with your iPhone 12 model.

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