Stunning images reveal Apple's AirPods through a CT scan

Airpods Ct ScanSource: Scan of the Month

A stunning series of new images have revealed the internals of Apple's AirPods through a CT scanner for the first time.

Scan of the Month's December scan has been published and reveals "when we peel the skin back, we find that Apple completely redesigned AirPods with each major generation."

Images show how all of Apple's best true wireless earbuds, including the new AirPods 3 and its AirPods Pro were made. From the first generation, SOTM says you can see construction that "would make an origamist blush."

The upgrades of AirPods Pro can be seen with "completely redesigned internals" including a very dense PCB, new microphones, and adaptive EQ powered.

Skipping to the third generation, you can see how the electronics and battery have been swapped around, with the latter now housed in the head, not the stem as it was in the first generation. Apple also reverted the third-generation AirPods to a downward-facing microphone, a change from AirPods Pro that could make for better audio quality.

You can see all of the amazing images in an interactive piece over at Scan of the Month. Apple unveiled its new third-generation AirPods in the second half of 2021. They come with adaptive EQ and improved sound quality, as well as a redesign that reduces the form factor and weight for the wearer.

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