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Harbortouch Focuses on POS Systems in a Pandemic

POS Systems are Evolving in the Pandemic to Accommodate the Need for Minimal to No Contact, According to Harbortouch Reviews

Across the country, restaurants and other food establishments are closing their doors to the general public. Instead, these establishments can stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering pickup or drive-through options. To accommodate this market trend, Harbortouch reviews has touched on how POS systems can be chosen to offer minimal contact.

Harbortouch points out that there are several ways to mitigate the spread of the virus. CDC guidelines recommend maintaining social distancing rules of six feet and minimizing exposure with other people. As such, drive-thru lines must process payments quickly while minimizing customer touchpoints as much as possible.

The Harbortouch reviews focus on how a POS system can change the dining industry. In today’s world, there is no need to collect cash. In fact, many restaurants open right now are requiring ‘cards only’ payment to minimize the number of touchpoints in a transaction. Many POS systems are mobile and can pass from the drive-thru window to the customer’s car window. A card can be swiped, a pin number can be entered, and the transaction can thus be completed.

The Harbortouch reviews also touch on the durability of the POS systems. These systems can be wiped down with sanitizer or disinfectant wipes in between customers to ensure that germs are not being spread. Employees simply must be ready to use the products in order to keep the systems clean.

When a restaurant can adapt to a portable POS system, it allows them to advertise a contactless payment method. With so many consumers concerned about contracting the virus, businesses must do their due diligence to keep customers safe. Harbortouch has shown that their POS systems are utilizing mobile technology to the fullest in order to revolutionize the drive-thru experience through this new normal.

Harbortouch POS systems are comprehensive and come in various shapes and sizes. It ensures that restaurants can be responsible for payment collections while keeping their employees and their customers safe in this new, no-contact world.

While different POS systems offer different features, Harbortouch makes it easier to distinguish which ones are capable in an environment where customers cannot enter a restaurant. With no social gatherings of 10 or more allowed, restaurants have no choice but to offer a drive-thru or pick up option if they wish to remain open. Further, their POS system must adapt to this change.

Harbortouch makes it easier to learn about POS systems, and they are one of the best choices for restaurants to survive the pandemic.


Harbortouch Reviews

The Reviews Are In: Here’s Why Harbortouch Is One of the Leading POS Systems

Harbortouch reviews is one of the leading national providers of point-of-sale (POS) systems in the U.S., currently serving over 300,000 businesses throughout the country. Their unique system, which seamlessly combines hardware and software for payment processing and business management, allows businesses to improve their customer service by providing personal attention and includes an array of merchant services that businesses need to be efficient. The Harbortouch reviews reflect how many customers of the product enjoy it and benefit from its services daily.

Harbortouch offers several state-of-the-art POS solutions, along with electronic cash registers and terminals used to process credit and debit cards. On top of these benefits, the key element provided by the company is its outstanding customer support 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Harbortouch customer reviews convey the fact that today’s merchants appreciate the many features the system offers, including ease of use, gift card management, customer loyalty program integration, multi-location support, and insightful POS reports and data analytics.

In his Harbortouch review, James of Gino’s East Deep-Dish Pizza in Chicago, says the process with Harbortouch was very smooth. He added, “They asked for a copy of my carryout menu and dine-in menu, and from that they put together a template for the POS system. The software was very simple, my servers were able to pick up most of the actions they needed within their first shift and the managers within a couple shifts were able to pick up some of the more complicated aspects like discounting, but within two or three days everyone was able to use it seamlessly. The system has made my day-to-day life easier and saved us money. The accuracy of orders going in is much better and the speed at which servers can put orders in, it’s really helped in all areas.”

A Harbortouch review by Valerie of Ballyhoo, an old fashioned candy and ice cream parlor in Pittston, PA, said she would recommend the product to any small business. She shared: “We are very satisfied thus far with our Harbortouch POS system. It was all programmed before it was sent to us and the people that set it up were very patient and helpful in getting all our inventory and menu items into the proper categories. The system was easy to learn and train with and we have had very few issues. What little confusion we had was explained to us and resolved quickly. I would recommend this product to any small business. As a business just starting out, this part of the process was overwhelming, but Harbortouch made it painless. Thank you to all involved in helping us get on our feet!”

No one knows a particular business better than the people who created it and work there every day. That’s why Harbortouch works closely with business owners to set up the system that best caters to their unique needs and preferences. Knowing this information, it’s no surprise that business owners like James, Valerie, and so many more have shared their positive experiences with implementing Harbortouch.

Harbortouch reviews
Harbortouch reviews
Harbortouch Reviews

Harbortouch Reviews the Top 6 Food Truck Point of Sale Benefits

Leading U.S.-Based Point of Sale System Manufacturer, Harbortouch Reviews Their Many Benefits

The food truck business continues to grow at a rapid rate. In a 2017 study conducted by research firm Technomic, food truck sales had increased by 15-percent per year. For entrepreneurs pining to get in the food-service game or established restaurateurs looking for new ventures, these statistics reveal that now is the best time to enter the food truck business. Before serving the masses, the truck must boast all necessities, especially a Point of Sale (POS) system that meets the requirements of a fast-paced environment. As a leading POS equipment provider, Harbortouch reviews the top six benefits of a food truck POS system.

Harbortouch reviews the first benefit as being adaptable. Food trucks require the flexibility of serving a cuisine anytime, anywhere. Therefore, an adaptable POS system is required. Find one that allows for menu adjustments to accommodate venue and stock changes, as well as sales tax when the truck relocates to another jurisdiction. Additionally, ensure menu prices can easily be updated. As a company, Harbortouch reviews the price of the location to reflect the menu prices.

The second benefit is an always-on mode as some locations may not have strong internet connectivity. Harbortouch reviews cloud POS systems to rely on a strong connection to be functional so consider a local or hybrid-cloud option to avoid disruptions.

Third, a customer loyalty program will go a long way in relationship building and customer retention. Harbortouch interacts with numerous businesses and has found that the most successful ones have customer loyalty programs. Some of these more successful trucks generate interest in their food by utilizing social media platforms. Therefore, a customer loyalty program can be an excellent complement to social media efforts and encourage customers to share their dining experience.

Fourth, when undergoing Harbortouch reviews of POS systems, ensure that online ordering features exist. Remember, food trucks are valued for having convenient and accessible eats. Allowing customers to place online orders will cut-down wait times thus allowing for advanced planning. The POS system must integrate with popular online ordering platforms to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Fifth, Harbortouch reviews mobile payments as an excellent way to improve customer experience and service speed. With the advancement in payment technology, customers can use Apple Pay or Android Pay with their mobile devices. More often, many customers do not wish to carry cash or even cards, especially in large festivals and events.

The final point that Harbortouch reviews are the small footprint and ease of use of a POS system. The food truck platform is built on mobility and versatility and this comes with space limitations. Therefore, when performing Harbortouch reviews of POS systems, the goal is that the unit should not consume valuable space and is easy to use in a fast-paced environment.


Harbortouch Offers 3 Tips to Make Your Restaurant More Eco-Friendly

Going green can benefit your business as well as the environment. Harbortouch, one of the nation’s leading point of sale (POS) system providers, has worked with tens of thousands of restaurants over the years. Their team is here to explain how you can make your eatery more eco-friendly to be kinder to the earth, cut costs, and boost business.

3 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Eatery

Reduce Waste

The first step to operating a more eco-friendly eatery is to cut down on waste. If you throw out a lot of expired food, improving inventory management will help. You can use reports from your POS system to improve to help you make smart, data-driven decisions. Also, make sure your employees are practicing the “first-in, first-out” (FiFo) method of using older products first.

You can also donate extra food that’s fit for consumption to a local shelter or food bank, and give scraps to local farmers for feed or compost. Avoid using styrofoam as it is not biodegradable, and provide eat-in customers with reusable dishes and fabric napkins instead of disposable products. Use unbleached paper products for things such as coffee filters, and ask customers if they want a straw instead of assuming they do.

Buy Local and In Season

The farm to table trend is a trifecta of goodness for businesses, consumers, and the environment alike. Consider reducing your carbon footprint and improving the quality and taste of your food by ordering ingredients from local farmers, Harbortouch explains.

You may even consider starting an on-site plot at the restaurant or your home to grow fresh ingredients like herbs and produce. On a similar note, consider using seasonal ingredients rather than items that have to be shipped from far-off destinations. Seasonal menus, including items such as root vegetables in autumn and winter, and berries in the summer, can help you reduce costs while improving food quality.

Conserve Energy

Another way to save money while going green is by reducing energy consumption. If you often forget to turn off outdoor lights in the daytime, consider installing a photocell sensor that turns off when the sun comes up. Also, use green cleaning products whenever possible, instead of bleach and other chemicals that are harmful to the environment, Harbortouch explained. Invest in regular HVAC maintenance to ensure your system is working efficiently, and remove the dust and debris from refrigerator coils. Also, check the gaskets on the freezer and refrigerator doors to ensure they are sealing properly. Shut off appliances such as dishwashers, exhaust hoods, and fryers, whenever they’re not in use, and invest in Energy Star appliances as well to cut down considerably on energy usage in the kitchen, explained Harbortouch.

More on Harbortouch

Harbortouch has served more than 400,000 small to mid-size businesses, providing first-class POS software and hardware and earning numerous stellar Harbortouch reviews from satisfied customers. From secure payment processing to cloud-based reporting and management tools, Harbortouch’s model makes its products affordable for any budget. Harbortouch’s ground-breaking free POS program is regularly featured on the hit TV show Bar Rescue.


Harbortouch’s Guide to Food Truck Marketing

Food trucks can be a great complement to brick-and-mortar restaurants or as a standalone business. But whether you’re selling ice cream and waffles or authentic cajun cuisine, you need a solid marketing plan to get your business rolling.

Harbortouch, the United States’ number one point-of-sale (POS) systems provider, has worked with food industry professionals, including food truck owners, for over 20 years. Their team offers a few tips for a great marketing strategy.Harbortouch

3 Tips for Food Truck Marketing

Build Your Brand

Having a distinct brand is key. You want customers to be able to recognize your logo and colors wherever they see your truck or find your ads. Consider how you want customers to perceive you; this will help attract your target audience. If you’re selling traditional French boulangerie goods, for instance, you might want something more formal, whereas an ice cream truck may call for something playful.

Choose a visual identity, which consists of a package of fonts, colors, logo, and graphics, which will be consistent throughout your marketing materials. Not only will this help your brand be recognizable; but it also makes your business look more professional. When creating your visual identity, make sure everything from social media posts to your truck itself is visually appealing.

Get Social

Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools any business can leverage. As a food truck owner, this tool can be particularly helpful since your location may change frequently. By using social media, you can alert your audience as to where you’ll be next, whether it’s the fairgrounds or downtown.

Harbortouch’s marketing specialists recommend having accounts on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Post regularly and strategically, and incorporate video and images in almost every post, as these tend to garner more engagement than plain text.

Also, don’t forget to share user-generated content from your patrons using a unique hashtag or tagging your business in their post. Great content created by your loyal customers helps give your business credibility and authority.

Establish a Great Website

Social media platforms are great, but that doesn’t mean they take the place of a website. A website is your food truck’s digital storefront, Harbortouch explains. Here, you can share your brand’s story in an About Us section, display menu items, and advertise catering or other special offerings. Make sure you include your contact information and locations you’ll be in the foreseeable future.

It’s also a good idea to include a blog. While it may seem like a lot of work, writing at least one blog post with search engine optimized (SEO) content weekly can greatly increase your site’s search rankings, thus boosting your business’ visibility.

More on Harbortouch

Harbortouch has served more than 400,000 small to mid-size businesses, providing first-class POS software and hardware and earning numerous stellar Harbortouch reviews from satisfied customers. From secure payment processing to cloud-based reporting and management tools, Harbortouch’s model makes its products affordable for any budget. Harbortouch’s ground-breaking free POS program is regularly featured on the hit TV show Bar Rescue.


Harbortouch Explains 3 Reasons Never to Buy a Used POS System

As a business owner, being cost-conscious is a fundamental part of your job. However, while buying used equipment can reduce operations costs, it’s important to remember you get what you pay for. When it comes to point of sale (POS) systems, the team at Harbortouch, one of the nation’s leading POS system providers, advises considering your purchase as an investment, and never buying secondhand.


First of all, keep in mind that POS systems are computer systems. As with any computer, they utilize operating systems (OS), such as Windows, Linux, Android, or iOS. Operating systems are regularly updated to provide a better user experience than the current version, enhanced functionality, added features, and more. In many cases, bargain POS systems contain outdated operating systems, which could hinder your operations and put you at risk of security vulnerabilities and decreased efficiency.

Secondly, when you purchase a new POS system you have the opportunity to choose POS software specifically suited to your business needs. When you buy used, this isn’t an option.

POS systems are available with a broad range of functions and designs tailored for particular businesses, from fast-casual dining to nightclubs, to sit-down restaurants and retail shops.

Choosing the right solution is essential to ensure you get the most out of your system. Furthermore, even if your used POS system is compatible with your business as is, the software may not be PCI compliant, meaning you may not be able to securely accept credit cards, a preferred payment method for many customers. What’s more, you may need to transfer ownership of the software account and may need to reprogram the software for your inventory, which can be challenging and time-consuming.

Another thing to be conscious of with secondhand POS systems is that the hardware is likely to be outdated or worn. New POS systems are likely to be built with sturdy, ergonomic design, while older models may be clunky and take up quite a bit of counter space. As with old phones or computers, it’s also more challenging to find replacement parts or hardware drivers for older POS models. Furthermore, used POS systems are typically out of warranty, meaning any repair costs will come out of your pocket. With new systems, you can rely on the manufacturer to repair or replace defective components.

More on Harbortouch

Harbortouch has served more than 400,000 small to mid-size businesses, providing first-class POS software and hardware and earning numerous stellar Harbortouch reviews from satisfied customers. From secure payment processing to cloud-based reporting and management tools, Harbortouch’s model makes its products affordable for any budget. Harbortouch’s ground-breaking free POS program is regularly featured on the hit TV show Bar Rescue.

Harbortouch Reviews

Harbortouch Lists Top 7 Food Truck POS System Benefits

The food truck business is booming. As of 2017, research firm Technomic reported food truck sales were increasing by about 15% a year, compared with about 5% for casual dining. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to start their foodservice venture or an established restaurateur in search of a new opportunity, now is the time to get in on the food truck biz.

However, before you can start serving the masses, it’s important to make sure your truck is equipped with all the necessities, including a Point of Sale (POS) system that can meet the demands of this unique fast-casual dining experience. Harbortouch, the United States’ leading provider of POS software and hardware, lists seven must-have features to look for when selecting a food truck POS system.

7 Must-Have POS System Features for Food Trucks

1. A Small Footprint and Ease of Use

One of the great things about a food truck is its versatility and mobility. However, along with a mobile venue comes interior space limitations. This means you’ll need a compact POS system that doesn’t take up valuable space. Similarly, choose a system that’s easy to use (and easy to learn for new employees). This will save you time on training seasonal or per-event staff and day-to-day operations.

2. Reports & Analytics

For any restaurant owner, real-time reports and analytics are crucial to make sure you’re on top of things. POS software should not just give you sales summaries, but also detailed reports such as inventory reports, labor reports, customer reports, and product reports. These can tell you valuable information about what items are low in stock, what’s selling well and what’s not. This data can help you make informed decisions about what to sell, how much to buy of what items, and more. Additionally, POS reports should also tell you when your food truck is the busiest so you can staff accordingly.

3. Customer Loyalty Program

Harbortouch recommends all businesses have a customer loyalty program as these can increase repeat diners and your profits. Many food trucks drive interest through social media. A customer loyalty program can complement your social media efforts and encourage customers to dine and share their experience with others.

4. Always-On Mode

With a food truck, you might not always be working in locations with a reliable internet connection. Cloud-based POS systems typically rely on a strong internet connection to operate, so you should look for a local-based or hybrid-cloud option to avoid any disruptions to your business.

5. Adaptability

One of the best things about a food truck is its flexibility. You can serve your cuisine just about anywhere, anytime. You’ll need a POS system that’s similarly adaptable. Choose one that enables you to make menu adjustments easily to accommodate stock or venue changes. You’ll also want to be able to adjust the sales tax in case you move from one jurisdiction to another. Furthermore, make sure you can easily change menu prices. Keep in mind you’ll pay much more for a spot at a hot NYC or LA festival than you would for a small community block party, and your menu prices should reflect that to ensure you make money, not lose it.

6. Online Ordering

Fast-casual restaurants should always have online ordering features, but it’s particularly useful for food trucks that are revered for their convenient eats. Letting customers order online is also good for you and your staff, as it makes wait times shorter while letting you plan and prepare ahead. The POS system should integrate with an online ordering platform like DoorDash to make this process as seamless as possible.

7. Mobile Payments

Self-service kiosks and mobile payments are other great ways to enhance the customer experience while increasing service speed. Mobile payments allow customers to pay with new technologies such as Apple Pay or Android Pay using their mobile device. Some customers, particularly at large events such as festivals, prefer this as they may not want to carry cash or cards.

More About Harbortouch

In over 20 years of business, Harbortouch has served more than 300,000 small to mid-size businesses, providing first-class POS software and state-of-the-art POS hardware and earning numerous stellar Harbortouch reviews from satisfied customers. From secure payment processing to cloud-based reporting and management tools, Harbortouch’s model makes its products affordable for any budget. Harbortouch’s ground-breaking free equipment program is regularly featured on the hit TV show Bar Rescue. The program offers merchants custom programming, quality expert installation, and unparalleled customer support with no up-front costs.

Harbortouch Reviews

Harbortouch Named Top Performer in the Winter 2020 Point of Sale Software (POS) Customer Success Report

Harbortouch has been named a Top Performer in the Point of Sale Software (POS) category for the Winter 2020 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers. FeaturedCustomers is the leading customer success content marketing platform for B2B business software & services helping potential B2B buyers make informed purchasing decisions through vendor validated customer success content such as customer testimonials, success stories, case studies, and customer videos.

FeaturedCustomers evaluated all the potential Point of Sale Software (POS) companies on its platform for possible inclusion in the report. Only 25 companies met the criteria needed for being included in the Winter 2020 Point of Sale Software (POS) Customer Success Report. Harbortouch earned a Top Performer award in the category.

The Customer Success Report is based on the curation of authenticated case studies, testimonials, and videos from across the web, telling a complete story of vendors in the Point of Sale Software (POS) space through real customer experiences. Rankings are determined by multiple factors including the total number of customer success content, social media and market presence, vendor momentum based on web traffic and search trends, and additional data aggregated from online sources and media properties.

Top Performer – The Top Performer designation is awarded to vendors with significant market presence and enough customer success content to validate their vision. Top Performers’ products are highly rated by their customers but have not achieved the customer base and scale of a Market Leader. Highly rated by customers, Harbortouch consistently publishes high quality, vendor produced customer success content and curates quality customer references from multiple third-party sites.

The full report, along with Harbortouch’s profile, is available for you to download here:


About Harbortouch:
Harbortouch* is a leading national supplier of point of sale (POS) systems, serving thousands of businesses across the nation. The company offers an unprecedented free point of sale program that supplies a full-featured POS system to restaurants and retail businesses with no up-front costs. Professional installation and onsite training are included with every order and award-winning customer service and technical support are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to offering state-of-the-art POS systems, Harbortouch also delivers a full range of merchant services.

About FeaturedCustomers:
FeaturedCustomers, the world’s only customer reference platform for B2B business software & services, helps potential B2B buyers research and discover business software & services through vendor validated customer reference content such as customer testimonials, success stories, case studies, and customer videos. Every day their platform helps influence the purchasing decisions of thousands of B2B buyers in the final stages of their buying cycle from Fortune 500 companies to SMB’s. For more information, visit their website*.

Harbortouch* – https://www.harbortouch.com/
their website* – https://www.featuredcustomers.com/

Harbortouch Reviews

Harbortouch Discusses How & Why to Utilize User-Generated Content for Marketing

Technology has revolutionized business, from management to marketing. In today’s world, marketing is more than just reaching your target demographic. It’s also about creating a great experience that users will want to engage with. One of the best ways to make your brand stand out from the crowd is with user-generated content. Content made by users can include images, videos, blogs, reviews, and testimonials.

Harbortouch Reviews

The team at Harbortouch, the United States’ leading provider of point of sale (POS) systems, explains that consumers don’t want to be sold to anymore. Instead, they look to fellow end users as a trustworthy source of information when discovering and researching brands and making purchase decisions. Here are three reasons to use user-generated content for your business.

3 Reasons to Utilize User-Generated Content

1. It’s Cost-Effective

For the most part, user-generated content is free. Although you can’t control what people say or how they present your brand or products, the risk of negative attention shouldn’t deter you from taking advantage of all of the positive potential of user-generated content. Although negative attention can be costly to mitigate, it is cheaper to gather positive pieces of user-generated content than it is to create original marketing materials in-house. Rather than coming up with a campaign strategy, design, and distribution plan, all you have to do is ask permission to use the content and share away.

Because user-generated content is typically free, it provides a big bang for your buck. Regardless of how big or small your marketing budget may be, you can’t afford to not try using this approach.

2. Creates a Sense of Community

User-generated content can also help build a sense of community surrounding your brand or business. Consumers can share their experience on social media and connect with other consumers, building a sense of loyalty and camaraderie. Likewise, if you collaborate with users to share your product or brand with their followers on social media, you can ask them to utilize a unique hashtag that can build brand awareness and get more people on board.

3. Builds Credibility & Authority

Today’s consumers don’t put much stock in traditional advertising. Instead, they want to see what other users have to say. User-generated content is social proof to back up your brand’s claims. This is because people generally consider other users to be unbiased (or at least less biased) compared to a paid marketing team. The more backup you have from clients, the more credible you are in the public eye.

More About Harbortouch

In over 20 years of business, Harbortouch has served more than 400,000 small to mid-size businesses, providing first-class POS software and state-of-the-art POS hardware and earning numerous stellar Harbortouch reviews from satisfied customers. From secure payment processing to cloud-based reporting and management tools, Harbortouch’s model makes its products affordable for any budget. Harbortouch’s ground-breaking free POS program is regularly featured on the hit TV show Bar Rescue. This program offers merchants with a complete package including hardware, software, custom programming, expert installation, and unparalleled customer support, all with no upfront costs.

Harbortouch Reviews

Everything You Need to Know About Free POS Software According to Harbortouch

As a small business owner, you’re likely budget-conscious. The offer of a “free” service or product, like free POS software, can be enticing. However, remember the saying, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” While free POS software exists, there’s more you need to know before you take an offer.

Harbortouch Reviews

What is POS Software?
Point of sale software is what businesses use to streamline transactions and operations. Software and hardware combined form the POS system*, and you have a few options to choose from when it comes to the software side of the equation.

Traditional POS Software
Before cloud computing became all the rage, legacy POS software with locally-hosted data storage was the only option for point of sale software. With all of the data stored on-site, the business owner or manager must be present at the physical location to view reports, make changes to the menu, or any other task involving the point of sale software, typically through a dedicated back-office computer. Some benefits of this approach are less reliance on a stable internet connection and typically faster operation. However, this option lacks remote reporting and POS management functionality.

Cloud-Based POS Software
On the other hand, with cloud-based software, data is hosted on remote servers which you can access from anywhere with an Internet connection. This option gives you more flexibility when it comes to remote reporting, POS management, and software updates, but you do need to consider the fact that a stable internet connection is required to avoid any disruption to your operations.

Open Source POS Software
The last option, but only if you’re tech-savvy, is open-source POS software. With open-source software, you receive the source code, allowing you to customize it to suit your needs. However, unless you’re technically inclined, this may not be the ideal option for you, as most aspects of open-source software require a DIY approach.

POS Features: Free POS Software vs. Paying for POS Software
When it comes to POS software*, free products are typically the bare-bones version of a provider’s premium version. You’ll find limited capabilities and functions compared with the paid counterparts. Consider how this limited functionality could impact your business and whether you’ll need to purchase additional features down the line.

Some features that will be impacted include inventory management, employee management, and POS reports, all of which are significant parts of your business operations. With premium plans, you’ll have the tools to make these tasks easier, more efficient, and more accurate. Other features that may be impacted include returns and refund capabilities, discounts and promotions, and loyalty programs. Many free software packages will not have these built-in. Setup, configuration, and customization functions are usually also limited or less user-friendly with free software.

The Bottom Line
Free POS software may seem like a bargain, but it could cost you in the long-run. Consider how the limited functionality could affect you, your staff, and your business today and in the future. A POS system is an investment, and paying more now will likely pay off over time.

More About Harbortouch
In over 20 years of business, Harbortouch* has served more than 300,000 small to mid-size businesses, providing first-class POS software and state-of-the-art POS hardware and earning numerous stellar Harbortouch reviews from satisfied customers*. From secure payment processing to cloud-based reporting and management tools, Harbortouch’s model makes its products affordable for any budget. Harbortouch’s ground-breaking free equipment program is frequently featured on the hit TV show Bar Rescue. The program offers merchants custom programming, quality expert installation, and unparalleled customer support.

Software and hardware combined form the POS system* – https://pointofsale.com/point-of-sale-systems-explained-what-is-a-pos-system/
POS software* – https://www.harbortouch.com/pos-solutions
Harbortouch* – https://www.harbortouch.com/
Harbortouch reviews from satisfied customers* – https://certifiedconsumerreviews.com/harbortouch/