Harbortouch Discusses Helping Post-Pandemic Small Business Owners Adapt via Contactless Payments

Nicole Sabo

January 13, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, small businesses have been forced to leverage technology to adapt to the “new normal.” One of these technologies is the adoption of contactless payment systems, like those offered by Harbortouch – the leading national supplier of POS systems. In a time of social distancing, the sanitary benefits of contactless payment systems are obvious, but there are other compelling reasons for small businesses to make the switch.

A report from Juniper Research found that it is forecasted for contactless transactions in the US to increase from $178 billion (2020) to $1.5 trillion by 2024. Contactless POS systems like the ones offered by Harbortouch will only continue to grow in popularity as they create value for small businesses and consumers alike.

Harbortouch Reviews Contactless Payment Systems for Faster Transaction Times

Gone are the days of time-consuming practices like counting out change on the counter or filling out a check when it’s time to settle up. Even inserting or swiping a card and entering a PIN are time-wasters of the past. Instead, contactless payment systems allow the customer to trigger a device with the tap of a mobile device against a payment system. 

Suppose your restaurant or retail store has high transaction volumes or experiences congestion during peak times. In that case, contactless payments can clear those traffic jams and increase your business’s efficiency and customer satisfaction overall, says Harbortouch.

Contactless POS Systems Can Increase Sales Volume Says Harbortouch    

Harbortouch research speculates that contactless payments can directly and indirectly improve and increase your business’s sales volume. As Gen Z enters the consumer space, more and more of your customers will be traveling with little more than their mobile devices in their pockets. By catering to these consumers, you increase your customer base by increasing accessibility. 

A consulting firm, Bain & Co., released a study that found consumers spent up to twice as much when they utilized mobile payment methods as opposed to traditional payment methods such as cash or card. The psychological reminder that comes with handing over money or tangible plastic is a much stronger deterrent to making a purchase than simply holding out your mobile device.  

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Contactless POS Increases Security According to Harbortouch

While physical debit and credit cards can be stolen and signatures forged, contactless payment methods typically use two-factor authentication and EMV chips to reduce the likelihood of fraud. This is good news for consumers and for small businesses who will be able to spend less effort on resolving charge disputes and repairing lost trust with the affected clientele. You can also advertise increased safety as a selling point of your business. 

Harbortouch Finds Increased Consumer Confidence With Contactless Payment Systems

There are several ways in which implementing a contactless payment system can increase consumer confidence in your business. For instance, simple physical security during the pandemic by not having to touch the same keypad as 200 other people is one less opportunity for infection, and consumers will attribute their relief to your brand. 

Financial security is another benefit of contactless POS systems. Using advanced technology that makes it more difficult for private information to be stolen makes your company seem more trustworthy and showcases your care for your customers.  

Finally, the last benefit of a contactless payment system is the intangible feeling your customers get when they experience ahead-of-the-curve technology in your place of business. Investing in what feels like high-end or cutting-edge technology can make your customers excited about shopping or dining with you. It’s part of the experience and something that they can post about or mention in their reviews. 

Harbortouch has served over 400,000 small to mid-sized businesses providing state-of-the-art POS software, hardware, and contactless payment solutions.