Harbortouch Reviews the Top 6 Food Truck Point of Sale Benefits

Nicole Sabo

July 10, 2020

Harbortouch Reviews

Leading U.S.-Based Point of Sale System Manufacturer, Harbortouch Reviews Their Many Benefits

The food truck business continues to grow at a rapid rate. In a 2017 study conducted by research firm Technomic, food truck sales had increased by 15-percent per year. For entrepreneurs pining to get in the food-service game or established restaurateurs looking for new ventures, these statistics reveal that now is the best time to enter the food truck business. Before serving the masses, the truck must boast all necessities, especially a Point of Sale (POS) system that meets the requirements of a fast-paced environment. As a leading POS equipment provider, Harbortouch reviews the top six benefits of a food truck POS system.

Harbortouch reviews the first benefit as being adaptable. Food trucks require the flexibility of serving a cuisine anytime, anywhere. Therefore, an adaptable POS system is required. Find one that allows for menu adjustments to accommodate venue and stock changes, as well as sales tax when the truck relocates to another jurisdiction. Additionally, ensure menu prices can easily be updated. As a company, Harbortouch reviews the price of the location to reflect the menu prices.

The second benefit is an always-on mode as some locations may not have strong internet connectivity. Harbortouch reviews cloud POS systems to rely on a strong connection to be functional so consider a local or hybrid-cloud option to avoid disruptions.

Third, a customer loyalty program will go a long way in relationship building and customer retention. Harbortouch interacts with numerous businesses and has found that the most successful ones have customer loyalty programs. Some of these more successful trucks generate interest in their food by utilizing social media platforms. Therefore, a customer loyalty program can be an excellent complement to social media efforts and encourage customers to share their dining experience.

Fourth, when undergoing Harbortouch reviews of POS systems, ensure that online ordering features exist. Remember, food trucks are valued for having convenient and accessible eats. Allowing customers to place online orders will cut-down wait times thus allowing for advanced planning. The POS system must integrate with popular online ordering platforms to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Fifth, Harbortouch reviews mobile payments as an excellent way to improve customer experience and service speed. With the advancement in payment technology, customers can use Apple Pay or Android Pay with their mobile devices. More often, many customers do not wish to carry cash or even cards, especially in large festivals and events.

The final point that Harbortouch reviews are the small footprint and ease of use of a POS system. The food truck platform is built on mobility and versatility and this comes with space limitations. Therefore, when performing Harbortouch reviews of POS systems, the goal is that the unit should not consume valuable space and is easy to use in a fast-paced environment.