The Reviews Are In: Here’s Why Harbortouch Is One of the Leading POS Systems

Nicole Sabo

July 10, 2020

Harbortouch Reviews

Harbortouch reviews is one of the leading national providers of point-of-sale (POS) systems in the U.S., currently serving over 300,000 businesses throughout the country. Their unique system, which seamlessly combines hardware and software for payment processing and business management, allows businesses to improve their customer service by providing personal attention and includes an array of merchant services that businesses need to be efficient. The Harbortouch reviews reflect how many customers of the product enjoy it and benefit from its services daily.

Harbortouch offers several state-of-the-art POS solutions, along with electronic cash registers and terminals used to process credit and debit cards. On top of these benefits, the key element provided by the company is its outstanding customer support 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Harbortouch customer reviews convey the fact that today’s merchants appreciate the many features the system offers, including ease of use, gift card management, customer loyalty program integration, multi-location support, and insightful POS reports and data analytics.

In his Harbortouch review, James of Gino’s East Deep-Dish Pizza in Chicago, says the process with Harbortouch was very smooth. He added, “They asked for a copy of my carryout menu and dine-in menu, and from that they put together a template for the POS system. The software was very simple, my servers were able to pick up most of the actions they needed within their first shift and the managers within a couple shifts were able to pick up some of the more complicated aspects like discounting, but within two or three days everyone was able to use it seamlessly. The system has made my day-to-day life easier and saved us money. The accuracy of orders going in is much better and the speed at which servers can put orders in, it’s really helped in all areas.”

A Harbortouch review by Valerie of Ballyhoo, an old fashioned candy and ice cream parlor in Pittston, PA, said she would recommend the product to any small business. She shared: “We are very satisfied thus far with our Harbortouch POS system. It was all programmed before it was sent to us and the people that set it up were very patient and helpful in getting all our inventory and menu items into the proper categories. The system was easy to learn and train with and we have had very few issues. What little confusion we had was explained to us and resolved quickly. I would recommend this product to any small business. As a business just starting out, this part of the process was overwhelming, but Harbortouch made it painless. Thank you to all involved in helping us get on our feet!”

No one knows a particular business better than the people who created it and work there every day. That’s why Harbortouch works closely with business owners to set up the system that best caters to their unique needs and preferences. Knowing this information, it’s no surprise that business owners like James, Valerie, and so many more have shared their positive experiences with implementing Harbortouch.

Harbortouch reviews

Harbortouch reviews