How Can Small Retail Businesses Pivot During COVID-19? Harbortouch Discusses

Nicole Sabo

February 2, 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses have had to take a closer look at how their organization is structured. The economic and social impact of the pandemic is undeniable. In fact, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reported in June of this year that one in five small businesses surveyed had either permanently or temporarily closed in response to the novel coronavirus. Further, more than 80% of small businesses were found to have made – or were planning to make – major changes in light of the pandemic. 

When massive change comes in the wake of unprecedented circumstances, it’s natural that we would be forced to adapt – individuals and businesses alike. Harbortouch, a successful retailer of POS systems, has been serving small to mid-sized businesses for over 17 years – and now they are focusing on helping them survive the pandemic by helping to make their processes more efficient, sanitary, and customer friendly. Here are some suggestions from Harbortouch on how small businesses can adapt to survive during these uncertain times.  

If You’re Not Online Yet, Do It Now Suggests Harbortouch

The businesses that have a robust online presence have the advantage when it comes to staying open – and that much was already true before the pandemic! If you’re a local business that has relied on reputation and word of mouth until now, it’s time to upgrade. 

People are trying to stay inside. And even though the economy has reopened somewhat, flu season approaches and no one knows how winter will pan out in 2020. This puts a major damper on the biggest retail season of the year for most small businesses – the Christmas shopping season. To meet your customers where they are and protect your sales and book of business, offer an online shopping experience. Shopify and Wayfair – among others – are making it very easy to digitize your products or services. Harbortouch also offers POS systems designed to work in tandem with e-commerce and give you real-time analytics on your transactions.

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Partner With Other Businesses Advises Harbortouch

“We’re all in this together” isn’t just the refrain from a catchy song. All the local small businesses in your area are experiencing the same fallout from COVID-19. However, the good news is, with a little brainstorming and innovation, there are likely real solutions to be had from sharing primary and secondary skills and resources with one another.

For example:

  • Talk to local delivery or taxi services about helping you meet the demand for home deliveries without breaking the bank
  • If you have larger partners – like a major tech company – ask if they’d be willing to consult with you or offer marketing advice, customer data analysis, or other mentoring services to help you get through this time. For instance, Harbortouch offers consultations on contactless payment systems, financial compliance, and customer traffic/efficiency.
  • Collaborate with other small businesses to create attractive bundles or cross-promote. A local ice cream shop could pair with a local brewery to make special “stout” ice cream for the holidays.  
  • These are just examples. Get innovative and creative! Bring together all of your local resources and see if you can all find ways to help each other survive what looks like a long, cold winter coming. 

Harbortouch has served over 400,000 small to mid-sized businesses over the last two decades. They specialize in POS systems and their supporting hardware and software. More than a retailer or vendor, Harbortouch is a partner to their clients. From foot traffic assessments to customer behavior insights, Harbortouch offers valuable insights and contactless solutions for a pandemic-stricken environment.